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    Jocelyn2021 照片
    Jocelyn Chen, Founder

    Jocelyn Chen, founder of TastyTrip, an enthusiast of varied culinary cultures. She also maintains a close friendship with many renown chefs and food writers around the world.

    Prior to the role, she was Vice President of a semiconductor market research firm. She established the whole structures of multinational conferences and marketing activities for the firm. In this role, she worked with major IT shows in pan European region.

    She received her master’s degree in Public Management from the SDA Bocconi Business School in Milan, Italy.

    J-Ping Wang, Italian culinary culture advisor

    J-Ping is one of the most famous chef of Italian cuisine in Taiwan.

    His restaurant, the Taiwan-based J- Ping Cafe, is awarded with Ospitalità’ Italiana, which is a recognition of authentic Italian restaurant abroad. J- Ping currently owns 4 Italian restaurants in Taiwan. In addition, GQ magazine Taiwan quoted him as the chef who understands the most of Italian culinary in Taiwan.

    Julia Lin, Italian food culture advisor / Tour Leader

    Julia has more than 6 years of experience in international cuisine tours. She is a leading cuisine guide and has in-depth insight to Italian culinary culture. Julia completed her study of MA in the Slow food of Italian Cuisine in Bra, where the slow food culture is created.

    She is the leading and sole culinary guide whose tours are always fully booked, literarily, one of the most popular food culture guide ever in Chinese-speaking world.

    Peray Hsiao, World Food Culture Advisor / Tour leader

    Peray is a famous food blogger based in Taiwan, grew up in Sydney, Peray’s blog has more than ten million traffic so far. The whole world is his culinary territory. He also maintains a close friendship with many celebrity chefs worldwide.

    Jasmine Huang, contributing editor for culinary industry trend

    Jasmine dreams of having Bill Bryson’s humorous style in observing the world’s most curious scenes. Instead of actually traveling around the world, she dives into the world through reading, writing and imagination.

    Jasmine is based in Taipei, with more than 10 years of experience in marketing and journalism.

    Allen Li, Agency Director at

    Based in Shanghai, Allen has many years of experience in marketing and has master the art of distribution expanding, pathway planning and effect control. Allen is active in roles of planning, curating, executing of large marketing projects.

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