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    【Video】Chengdu THE BRIDGE, Andre Chiang’s first restaurant project in China

    Source: MAPO TV

    In 2018 Chef Andre Chiang was awarded The Diner’s Club Lifetime Achievement Award from Asia’s 50 Best. He’s a master.  Chiang closed his eponymous Restaurant ANDRE on Valentine’s Day 2018 and the food world wondered; what’s he up to? We flew to Chengdu to find out.


    The Anshun Bridge is unmistakable. It seems to float above the river not concerned with it’s own weight. One looks at it and wonders, how does this massive structure seem so light? As you get closer it becomes larger, imperial, palatial. It needs to be. The task at hand in the kitchen of The Bridge is a heavy one – nothing less than to bring the venerated Sichuan cuisine to the modern dining scene.

    DNA of  Sichuan cuisine

    What on Earth is Andre Chiang doing captaining a ship that sets sail from the banks of the Jin in the middle of Chengdu? The culinary history is rich, long and not his own. But as with all things Andre, Sichuan has slowly become his own. His philosophy when it comes to Sichuan cuisine is simple, retain the DNA of Sichuan cuisine, and reintroduce the flavors, which have been washed away by centuries of hot and numbing peppers, and to modernize without introducing Western elements.

    BACKBONE of  Sichuan cuisine

    As the Culinary and Creative Director of The Bridge, Andre is not alone in this endeavor. At his side always is Chef Li Shunhong a Chengdu native with more than 20 years experience in Sichuan kitchens. He is as Chef Andre calls him, “the backbone of Sichuan cuisine.” Chef Li knows all the rules and Chef Andre, knows just how to break them.


    The relationship between the two chefs is one of mutual respect and that respect flows through to every ingredient and technique they use to create a masterpiece after masterpiece of a dish. It’s that same respect they have for Sichuan cuisine and it’s history. There’s a saying that goes, “go forward and never look back.” But sometimes we need to look back before we can we can move forward.



    Address: 66 Binjiang East Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

    Opening hours:

    Lunch: Tuesday-Sunday 11.30am-2pm

    Dinner: Daily 5.30-10pm

    Bar: Daily 6pm-2am


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