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    What Impacts next following the Michelin Guide’s Shanghai Launch within one week?

    As the upcoming release of Michelin’s Shanghai Guide is only one week away, we heard some good news from different restaurants that were being invited to the press conference on September 21st. One couldn’t help but wonder how the arrival of the Michelin Guide is to change Shanghai’s culinary industry. The introduction of Michelin Guide will not only boost the business of local restaurants but forging culture of Michelin-starred chefs; it will surely witness more tourists flowing into the city. Local governments all are glad to see the arrival of the Red Guide as it boosts business of restaurants while injecting energy to local tourism. Some are curious about how the inspectors give rating to the local Chinese restaurants. According an interview with Mr. Bruno…

    Why Michelin Expands its Horizon in China with Such Haste?

    Following Singapore and Seoul, Le Guide Michelin, which is also known as the Bible of haute cuisine, is to expand its sight in Shanghai, the long-forgotten ancient Eastern civilization. On May 17th, Michelin announced that the publisher is to release its first Shanghai Guide in September or October of 2017. Chinese gourmet industry was thrilled about the news. There are evident signs that Michelin Guide has been claiming its territory in Asia. However, the news of a Shanghai volume came unprecedentedly hurried; unlike the usually cautious it features when expandingto new cities. Many fine dining lovers couldn’t help but wonder whether the Bible also degrade itself for the ordinary. As of the beginning of 2016, rumors about Michelin’s arrival in Shanghai have never ceased. In…