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【Shanghai】The seasonal dream of a Singaporean chef: The Pine defines modern Asian cuisine

Humble and hard-working, Johnston Teo never had the opportunity to learn the different seasonal ingredients as he grew up in Singapore, a country without the classic four seasons. He had to learn it all by himself. Dishes at The Pine neither belongs to Western cuisine nor Chinese cuisine. He calls his dishes modern Asian cuisine.

What Impacts next following the Michelin Guide’s Shanghai Launch within one week?

As the upcoming release of Michelin’s Shanghai Guide is only one week away, we heard some good news from different restaurants that were being invited to the press conference on September 21st. One couldn’t help but wonder how the arrival of the Michelin Guide is to change Shanghai’s culinary industry. The introduction of Michelin Guide will not only boost the business of local restaurants but forging culture of Michelin-starred chefs; it will surely witness more tourists flowing into the city. Local governments all are glad to see the arrival of the Red Guide as it boosts business of restaurants while injecting energy to local tourism. Some are curious about how the inspectors give rating to the local Chinese restaurants. According an interview with Mr. Bruno…