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    All posts by Saya Deng

    【Shanghai】Hakkasan Shanghai close its doors effective Monday April 13

    A big closure has been announced, with Hakkasan Shanghai closing its doors for good effective Monday April 13. Bund No. 3 and No. 18 were previously the two most popular buildings on the Bund. Faced with the expensive rents, the loss of tourists due to the epidemic, Hakkasan’s permanent closure is no doubt a warning sign. Moreover, the Studio Frantzen, which was expected to open on the Bund 5 in March, is now pending without further information.

    Seafood Off Menu at one of Shanghai’s favorite Chinese restaurants

    For the first meal with my foodie friends since the restart of restaurants, we chose Oriental House off menu as before. It filled me with great joy when the fresh flavor of seafood floated up from the restaurant, which served as a warmly consolation to me since I am not able to travel to eat in short term. “Tasty food surely changes life!”

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