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    All posts by Lu, Olivia

    【Jocelyn column】Shenzhen’s most beautiful Chinese restaurant: meticulous in everything, especially food

    It is said that “GEM GARDEN” is the most beautiful Chinese restaurant in Shenzhen. Meticulous in Everything Chaozhou cuisine has over a thousand years of history and milestones in the culinary world.  At the end of the corridor in GEM GARDEN you can see a famous saying by Qing Dynasty…

    MICHELIN Guide Beijing 2021: King’s Joy becoming world’s first three-starred vegetarian restaurant

    Michelin has revealed on November 16th the new 2021 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Beijing. In total, 30 establishments have been selected, including 2 Three-Star restaurants: Xin Rong Ji (Xinyuan South Road) and King’s Joy (promoted from Two Stars to Three Stars), 2 Two-Stars: Shanghai Cuisine and Jingji(new to the…