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André Chiang unveiled his first restaurant project in China, Chengdu “Interpreting Sichuan Flavour .”The BRIDGE Chengdu aimed to open by the end of 2017

Author:Jocelyn Chen

Photo credit:THE BRIDGE




André Chiang unveiled his first restaurant project in China, Chengdu “Interpreting Sichuan Flavour .”


The BRIDGE Chengdu aimed to open by the end of 2017…




André Chiang, officially unveiled his first restaurant project in China during the “Interpreting Sichuan Flavour . In collaboration with the The Bridge Group, a restaurant industry leader in China, creative and culinary director Chef Andre presents a revolutionary concept to Chengdu, THE BRIDGE.



During this year’s Slow Food International Congress in Chengdu, Chef Andre articulated a grand vision on behalf of THE BRIDGE team to transform Chengdu into a Slow Food City, with an overarching aim to re-establish and reinstate Sichuan cuisine on the world map of gastronomy.


André Chiang


Chef Andre commented, “Coming back to my root really is a dream coming true for me, I’m sincerely thrilled to work on THE BRIDGE. This project is not simply a restaurant, but a rediscovery journey of my own Chinese root. We need to follow the way in which nature guides us and bring out the best flavour from the produce. I wish to render into experience for all senses and dimensions the intrinsic elements of Sichuan flavour.


Hebe Ni


Joining forces with the critically acclaimed Chef Andre Chiang, Ms. Hebe Ni, founder of THE BRIDGE, will transform the former historic landmark into the city’s most unique culinary destination. Depicted in the “Travels of Marco Polo as one of four landmark bridges in China, the origins of Anshun bridge can be traced back to 13th century.


The Bridge — before

The Bridge — after


Having been immersed in the memories of Chengdu’s glorious past, THE BRIDGE presents itself as a delicate and vivid symbol of the dramatic changes witnessed by the city over time. United by a shared vision for Sichuan cuisine’s future and a mutual believe in its untapped potential, Chef Andre and Hebe Ni will embark upon a journey to discover the real Sichuan flavour from its root – Chengdu and the most iconic landmark of Chengdu – ‘THE BRIDGE. Through the lens of this ambitious and groundbreaking project, Chef Andre will tailor an all-rounded dining experience to push the boundaries and the potential of what is both new and uniquely Sichuan.



Inspired by Sichuan vernacular residences and expressed structure, founding partners Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu of the internationally award winning design studio Neri&Hu, has taken on the task to create the new interior environment. The design concept envisions a “hanging lantern” to recall the clarity and unity of the historic building in all its grandeur, while tailoring a set piece architecture that would not only be relevant today, but have the capacity to become a lasting and unparalleled global landmark of gastronomy in future Chengdu.


Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu


The resulting design approach inserts within the river landscape a luminous and translucent glass lantern. Inside the lantern are carved spaces conceptualised as series of scenes of varying spatial and lighting configurations to enrich and intensify the sensual experience for every diner. The project is also complimented with bar planning and training strategy offered by the globally acknowledged consultancy team Proof & Company.



THE BRIDGE epitomises a different possibility – a revolutionary ethos to break away from the current dominance of mono-flavour in Sichuan cuisine. Through developing an intimate knowledge of local terroir, produce, seasons and distinct culture, THE BRIDGE will serve as Sichuan’s platform to interface with the world, promoting its cuisine and flavours in an international language.


Hebe Ni and
Chef André Chiang proudly announce the birth of THE BRIDGE – to embrace the common memory of Chengdu, bridging yesteryear’s elegance and today’s interpretation to articulate a bright future for contemporary Sichuan cuisine.



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