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About Us

Allstar Communications serves clients at the top of the pyramids by satisfying their need of seeking high-end cuisine oversea while providing latest culinary information from across the world. Allstar Communications was founded in 2015. We strive to plan, circulate and share up-to-date culinary information with top-tier chefs and food enthusiasts while establishing China’s leading culinary media platform that provides bilingual versions to our readers.


“TastyTrip” Gourmet Tours


Carefully crafted for our clients, we offer oversea cuisine tours that features both unique culture experience and starred restaurants.


Celebrity Chef Events


Each quarter, celebrity chefs are invited to China for a guest chef event. We provide face to face connection between chefs and our clients.

Chef Congress


We provide the platform of leading Chinese and Western cuisine Expo with 400-600 attendees. Culinary demonstrations and speeches are also provided.


Online media is the only original China- based cuisine forum that provides global news in food industry, starred restaurants, chef interviews.